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​The Accidentals have  designed INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS for ALL ages and skill levels. Workshops are easily customizable to fit the needs of your students, based on your goals.  Inspire your students to think out of the box, empower them to be fearless, show them  the possibilities are limitless.      

We can customize several aspects of the workshop to give your students an impactful experience designed with them in mind:

  • Duration 

  • Content/Focus

  • Overall message

  • Engagement Level


You can choose one, or several of the topics that have been curated for workshops. If there’s a topic or a format you didn’t see that you would like the band to emphasize, please include it in your booking request for consideration.




Students have the opportunity to write a song as a group, or work on their own masterpiece by learning basic songwriting techniques  all while emphasizing the importance of your unique voice. See examples from past workshops here. 

Ages: Any

Skill Level: Any


Learn tips and tricks for improvising on your instrument like call and response, gain perspective from a professional artist about collaborating live, and be empowered to solo with confidence while having fun. 

Ages: Any

Skill Level: Any



There are so many different ways to use strings- so let's get inspired! Learn about how strings are used in different genres, playing styles, and even electric instruments! Get a first hand look at the gear the Accidentals use with their electric cello and violin,  and the tech that makes it all work.

Ages: Any

Skill Level: Any, suggested for orchestra/string students


If you are interested in careers in the music industry, this one is for you! In this interactive workshop, we cover the multitude of jobs that make up the music industry, while bringing our own perspective as full time touring musicians.  We tour 200+ shows a year and we are glad to share the experience and the team that makes it possible for us to do what we do. From Management to Press, it takes a village.

Ages: Any

Skill Level: Any



We talk about emotional health as we are creating, learning, and growing as artists. It's all about empowerment, confidence, and building our community. 

Ages: 5th Grade and Up

Skill Level: Any



Get confident about playing by ear! Practice and learn tips for finding harmonies and chat about the harmonic structure. 

Ages: Any

Skill Level: Any



  • VIRTUAL WORKSHOP - An online, interactive, age-appropriate workshop taking place on our private, secure live streaming platform. We manage the technology and it's easy for you and students to use.

  • VIRTUAL ASSEMBLY - An online, interactive, age-appropriate assembly taking place on our private, secure live streaming platform. We manage the technology and it's easy for you and students to use. Designed to span several grades and skill levels. 

  • VIRTUAL EVENING CONCERT - The Accidentals perform on an online, interactive, private and secure live streaming platform, usually paired with a virtual workshop. We manage the technology and it's easy for you and students to use.

  • ASSEMBLY PERFORMANCE - An online, interactive, age-appropriate assembly taking place on our private, secure live streaming platform. We manage the technology and its easy for you and students to use. Designed to span several grades and skill levels. 

  • SINGLE WORKSHOP* - An age-appropriate workshop taking place in a classroom.

  • DAY OF WORKSHOPS* - A series of age-appropriate workshops customized for the ages and abilities of the varying groups, taking place in multiple or one classroom(s) over the course of a day.

  • EVENING CONCERT* - The Accidentals perform for the community, usually featuring students and paired with a workshop.

  • RESIDENCY* - Multiple days of workshops, lectures, Q&A, and concerts, all of varying lengths and levels. All customizable.



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"Last November you presented a songwriting workshop at the new Bay Harbor Auditorium near Petoskey, MI. Hundreds of area 4th and 5th grade students attended and were wowed by the experience! At the workshop, you selected a random student from the audience to give a book quote. The chosen student quoted R. J. Palacio’s 2012 novel, Wonder: “August is the Sun.  Me and Mom and Dad are planets orbiting the Sun. The rest of our family and friends are asteroids and comets floating around the planets orbiting the Sun.” You shared your alphabet chart method of songwriting, and together we produced a four-chord progression, lyrics, and a melody for a chorus. You then challenged us to continue the work and write the rest of the song – which we did! All of my 5th grade students had read the book Wonder earlier that fall, and so after our spring concert we decided to write verses for the chorus. Students selected quotes from the book (or from the movie based on the book) to serve as the lyrics.  Then they were given time in class to improvise on xylophones to create a melody to fit the lyrics – keeping in mind the roots of the chord progression and guidelines for a good melody (stepwise motion, some skips, few leaps).  We recorded each improvisation, notated them, and voted on the melodies we liked best. Then we learned to sing them, and to play an Orff arrangement of the chorus... Thank you for inspiring us to compose music this spring!" -Julie L. Laur, Music Education

"Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and speak to our classes today. It was so great meeting you and hearing your stories and experience. Such an amazing opportunity for our students to be able to hear from you." -Melissa


"Thanks again for taking the time to visit Marble this week. Our school was absolutely giddy after your performance. We feel so lucky that you visited and our community has absolutely been inspired by your music. “Best assembly ever,” was a recurring compliment from our students! I agree!" -Carla

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